The Ed Coan Matt Poe PowerPress™️ Workshop was only possible and successful because of the great members of Poe’s Gym. Summary by Matt Horsnell, “Master Of Puppets” at Poe’s Gym.

As I entered Poe’s Gym, in my mind, I immediately saw two living legends and later a third. I gazed upon Ed Coan, “The GOAT” and Matt Poe, “The PushPress King”.

Unselfishly, Matt opened the workshop by introducing all participants to Ed Coan bragging on each member’s passion and heart for lifting.

Matt then briefly tore into the biomechanics of overhead pressing using the pushpress technique like no other (only how he could) stressing mental preparation from the approach through the finish, stressing footwork, constantly increasing bar velocity, and executing the 7 phases of weight travel.

Ed then spent over three hours teaching the squat, the benchpress, and the deadlift to each and every individual. He taught techniques such as elbow positioning while squatting, getting shoulders correctly set while benching, and more efficient setups in the deadlift among much more cues and information.

It was amazing to see two professionals working together with such great synergy as they supported and questioned aloud each other’s knowledge to our benefit. The best part was Ed and Matt’s constant "joking” with each other to keep the setting relaxed for everyone.

Ed and Matt never once talked about themselves. The workshop was 100% about us.

We also got a bonus, when Matt’s dad, Martin, walked into the room. Coach Poe was an incredible weightlifter, the Head OL Coach at Tennessee State University and Wichita State University (also the strength coach), the OG of strength and conditioning at Vanderbilt University, and a mentor to several successful OL and strength coaches in the USA. With the looks of The Godfather character out of Hollywood, Ed clearly stated to us, when Coach Poe entered the room, “Joe Pesci” is now in the house!

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